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Check out some hot tips below to get the best possible result for your auction

A great item or experience

One-of-a-kind items or experiences tend to do extremely well on eBay. Special items or experiences capture the public imagination and engage people whether you have one auction or many. They can drive awareness, attention and hopefully raise a lot of money for your charity. Be ambitious and think about how each item could be enhanced and made unique. See FAQs and Past Charity Success Stories for some ideas.

A detailed listing

For an effective listing, be sure to include:
  • Great pictures – remember pictures can speak louder than words. Consumers love to see as many pictures of a product as possible. And best of all, you can upload up to 12 pictures to each listing for FREE! Listings with lots of clear pictures will attract more buyers, bids or ultimately allow you to sell your item quicker. If an item you are listing has been used and has scratches or general wear and tear, make sure to include this information within your item description and also take pictures of those specific areas.
  • A detailed item description – the more information you can include in a listing, the better. Include details and logos of your charity and that of any other organisation involved in the auction. Specify detailed postage options, handling time and payment information to reduce questions from bidders.
  • Free domestic postage – it’s now ecommerce best practice to offer free postage Australia wide. Listings with free postage are more attractive to consumers and may increase the likelihood of a great sale!
Check out some different examples of detailed charity listings.

Customise your profile

Your profile contains basic information like your user ID and recent Feedback, and a link to any items you have for sale. You can add photos and a description to personalise it and share a bit about your charity.
  • Add custom content: Choose a cover photo and a profile photo for other members to see when they visit. To look their best, cover photos should be 1200 pixels wide x 270 pixels tall, and up to 4MB in size.

  • Promote yourself: Enter a description to tell others about ​your charity.

You can share a link to your profile, or find other members' profiles using the profile URL:<User ID>.

Excellent customer service

Consumers expect the same level of service online as they do offline, so make sure to answer buyers' questions quickly and efficiently. Contact the winning bidder immediately to arrange payment and postage. When the buyer has paid for an item, make sure you package the item carefully and send it off quickly.

High-profile or high value auctions

If you think your auction will be high profile and generate media interest or that your item will sell for a high value (over $10,000 AUD), please contact us via our Contact Us Form for further support.

If you anticipate that your auction will generate significant interest, eBay recommends you use a professional third party supplier to manage the auction on your behalf, ensuring professionalism, efficiency and a quality service to help you get the best result possible for your auction. The following third party supplier can provide you with a quote to manage your auction from conception to completion:

  Bid For Good
Tel: (03) 8683 8752

Eye-catching promotions

eBay encourages you to use promotions as a way of increasing traffic to your auctions, ensuring a fantastic result.
  • Include links to your auction and Profile page on your charity website, and if you have a mailing list or eDM, you could reference it there too.
  • If you have a press contact or an in-house press office, brief them to promote your auction via print, radio or television if possible.
  • Social media is a great, free and easy way to reach a big audience! Include the link to your auction and ‘About Me’ page in your social media networks to spread the word.

eBay promotional support

eBay may also support your charity auctions through promotion on the eBay charity page and various promotional channels including social media.

Contact eBay with details of the promotions you are planning for your auction via our Contact Us Form.  eBay can also supply relevant eBay information for inclusion in your press materials covering the auction, i.e., a “How to bid on XX” section.

Want to find out more?

Discussion boards, selling assistance and all the resources of eBay are available to help you get the most from your auction.