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It’s easy to hold a charity auction on eBay – just follow these simple steps to get started!


Read eBay’s Charity or Fundraising Listings Policy

Read the policy to ensure you meet the necessary requirements to fundraise on eBay and comply with eBay policy and Australian law. Unless you are a registered Australian charity/Not For Profit you will need to obtain written authorisation from the charity you are fundraising ​for. You must include a copy of that written authorisation in your listing.


Register on eBay

Registration is easy and free! There are no special fields for setting up as a charity on eBay but it is a good idea to ​register with a name and email address associated with your charity and Contact Us so that we can provide support and guidance. If you’re an existing member and plan on regular fundraising, eBay recommends registering a new eBay account.


Add a Payment Method

Under eBay's payment methods policy you must add at least one safe payment method to receive payments from customers on eBay such as: PayPal or merchant credit card.   


Create a Profile page

Provide information and raise the profile of your charity and your auction. Your Profile is your own space on eBay where other members can learn about you and your interests. Add custom content, a cover photo and promote yourself.  Learn more.


List your items

Once you’ve read through the Requirements for Charity Listings as part of eBay’s charity policy, and are satisfied you comply, simply click on the usual Sell button on the navigation bar and follow the instructions to get started.

There are no special listing forms for charity or fundraising listings, just remember to add the registered charity details set out in eBay's charity policy in each listing. You are welcome to Contact Us for guidance and support.


Promote your auction

The more people who know about your eBay charity auction, the better. Read more tips on how you can maximise your auction.


Follow your item

Be sure to promptly answer all questions emailed to you from potential bidders.


Payment and postage

Contact the winning bidder by email within 3 days to arrange payment and postage. Add postage tracking details to keep the buyer informed.


Withhold funds until successful completion of the auction

Ensure you obtain confirmation from the buyer that they have received the item/package and are happy with the transaction before you finalise the auction and release funds to the chosen charity.